Matek manufactures calibration pots and offer a number of unique features

The widest range
Calibration pots for pumps capacities of 160 ml/hr (2,5 ml volume) to 7,5 m3/hr (125 L volume)

Easy operation
Volumetric and capacity values, easily read by dual scale indication

    Superior design
  • Radial sealing of the glass, ensures a tight and stress free sealing over a wide temperature range
  • Robust glass protection against mechanical impact by metal casing
  • Stressed relieved borosilicate glass 3.3 is used instead of plastic materials,
    providing clear visibility at all times without the risk of chemical or environmental attack
  • Designed to EN 1595 standard
  • Fabricated from first class materials from european origin
    Excelent material choice
  • All SS 316 metals (wetted and non wetted), making the instrument suited for offshore installations
  • Calibration pot material available in a variety of alloys.

Market fit
Designed for the oil- and gas industry, meeting today’s user and contractor’s document requirements.